Membership Fees
Single $500.00 If Paid Before Feb. 1st, $550.00 after Feb. 1st
Couple $750.00 if Paid before feb. 1st, $800.00 after feb. 1st
Child w/pd parent membership $125.00, child w/o pd parent thru high school $275.00
Post high school thru age 20 $325.00
Single, Couple, and post high school memberships will receive CWGA cards. This card entitles you to 4 rounds of golf at 18 other courses.
This card is at no cost to members

Cart Rental
Cost of a seasonal cart rental is $500.00 for unlimited use

Cart Storage & Trail Fees

Cart Trail fee with enclosed
$215.00 per gas cart before 2-1-13
$250.00 after 2-1-13
$240.00 per electric cart. before 2-1-13
$275.00 after 2-1-13
All Carts must have name tags in each stall. Also (2) names per cart are required, if cart is being used at least (1) of the names must be operating the cart

Locker Fees, east side lockers $15.00,
west side lockers $20.00

Make checks payable to Maple Hills Golf Club. Payments may be sent or dropped off at Maple Hills
All Members will receive membership cards and are required to sign in each time golfing, (tee times are required).
Any questions or to make payment please mail or call
Maple Hills Golf Club & Restaurant Inc.
N6621 Cardinal Lane
Wittenberg Wisconsin 54499
*** No Exceptions or Extensions on Payments and Discounts ***
Early Payment Deadline 2-1-13